Friday, November 21, 2008

Web-based Applications - Teresa Cardenas

Google docs, Timetracker, and Zoho all can help out with the advancements in technology on our website. Zoho can do several different applications in one website. It can be used for our business and have all documents and work on the documents all on one website. Google docs is almost the same thing that allows someone to work on spreadsheets, presentations, and forms and keep them all in the place and be able to work and fix situations all at once. Both of those allow for someone to work with the documents and then fix anything on them and you can upload them onto wherever they need to go. Timetracker is another online service that allows you to track how long you have been doing something or how long you can do something in the time alloted.

Blogs- Sarah Neyland

Toys 'n More would benefit from implementing blogs, such as the blogger. Implementing this tool will enable and increase customer outreach and satisfaction. With this blog, Toys 'n More could update customers on various discounts, industry news, etc. While outreaching to the customer, the customer can, as well, leave comments and critques through this blog device. Utilizing this tool will, indeed, increase profitability and satisfaction. The use of this blog will enable Toys 'n More and its customers to communicate within the virtual world. Enabling this blog will help decrease competition.

Using Web 2.0 - Matthew Rosson

Web 2.0 is the future in building e-business websites. Web 2.0 uses interactive and user generated content to create a virtual environment where people can share information with each other, versus just pulling information that the website creator uploaded themselves. Using Web 2.0 to sell toys in a fashion similar to on TSM Toys N More will allow customers to read reviews from other customers who have purchased the same product, suggest other toys that they might like, and customer forums and networking so customers can communicate and suggest products to each other.